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Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
Lanz Bulldog
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Lanz Bulldog D2816

65 242,86 NOK

Location53494 Vara, Sweden
Advertiser statusPrivate
Year of manufacture1956
Registration date27. jan. 2019
Engine power21 kW (29 HP)

Further Descriptions

Complete nice object. Only thing which are missing is the lid for watercooler radiator.
Wont start easily but runs sometimes if you activitly press fuel enrichment pedal. but was fully up and running som years ago.
Injector nozzel tip changed to new one and spray looks and sounds very nice. have not measure injector pressure.
Probably if it is possible to adjust injection timing need to be done but i do not have a workshop manual to make it in a proper way. Or apply a better battery.
Not much wear but some dent on fender
Not much rust almost nothing but rust flakes inside fuel tank needs to be cleaned. When i try to start it up i cleaned the fuel lines and so on and attached a
temporary fuel tank.
Almost no wear at fotpedals at all. Very little wear at hydralic arms and towing bar pin hole where to connect your wagon. Hydralic arms and towing bar version as is –
on today modern tractors. see pictures.
Repainted by hand many yeas ago
Some documents exists
Brake pads needs to be changed
Tires with lot of dry cracks needs to be changed but still holds its air. Front tires very bad. Rear tires maybe you can use, Tires from 1956?
Electrical needs to be renovate. Starter works fine. Battery missing. Not shure there is the correct glowplug fitted in to it but it glows instantly when pushing temporary glow button i attached.

Nice object to just start up and let be in as is and feel the time which has pass trough since 1957 or a very nice object to
renovate to its original conditon.

More picutres if requested.

Helps a friend to sell this object when she dont know nothing about the technichal details. Technical questions to Peter S
Price and meet up talk to Lena.
Swedish or English spoken.


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incl. 19% VAT
65 673,96 NOK net
Ms. Lena Boman Emanuelson
Ms. Lena Boman Emanuelson
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